• Award-winning computer monitoring software!

    The software of choice for home and small office monitoring, Spy Agent combines over 15 computer monitoring tools to record EVERYTHING users do on the computer and Internet!

    Record keystrokes, websites, chats, applications, games, emails, print jobs, screenshots, and much more.  Additional features include instant behavior alerts, filtering, graphical usage reports, and email delivery of logs.  This is the software you need for monitoring your home or office PC!

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  • Remotely monitor your PC from ANYWHERE!

    Need to supervise your computer from another location?  Realtime Spy can be remotely installed on your PC while allowing you to view ALL activity of the computer from ANYWHERE in the world by simply logging in to your online account!

    Realtime Spy will record virtually all user activity on your PC as well as visual screenshots of the desktop while in use.  Just log into your online account to view the logs - it is that simple!

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  • Supervise EVERY employee on your network!

    Need to monitor your employees?  NetVizor is our network monitoring software which will monitor and record EVERY activity of EVERY user in your network!

    NetVizor allows you to centrally monitor, control, and supervise every user on your network.  Perform remote administration tasks, see what users are doing in real-time, view keystrokes, websites, applications, emails, passwords, chats, and much more from a central location!

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Take Control of your Laptops and PCs

Record every activity of every user of your laptops and PCs.  View what happened, when it happened, and who did it.  Start protecting your family and business today!

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Supervise your Network & Employees

Monitor, control, and supervise every user and computer in your network.  Perform user activity audits, generate comprehensive reports, perform investigations, and more.

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Monitor and Protect your Children

Monitor and control everything your children do on the Computer and Internet!  Ensure their safety, protect them from dangers, and prevent inappropriate use.

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Who's talking about our software?

Leaders in Internet and Computer monitoring software since 2000 - we develop award winning programs and solutions for home, business, educational, and government users.   Read more...

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  • Increase employee productivity and increase your profits!

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    It is estimated that employees spend roughly 75 minutes per day abusing their computer and Internet privileges.  By eliminating this wasted time you can save money and increase profits at the same time!

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  • Keystroke Spy for Mac OS X has been released!

    Mac compatible

    Our first keylogger for the Mac, Keystroke Spy, has been released.  All keystrokes typed on your Mac will be recorded along with visual screenshot playback and email delivery of logs.  Check it out today!

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  • Back-to-School Concerns for Parents... should you be worried?

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    It's that time of the year again and parents have more than ever to be concerned with.  Current trends show sexting, inappropriate photos and chats, cyber bullying, and more happening.

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