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Keystroke Spy is our most basic software title yet provides all the monitoring power you need without all the 'bells and whistles' of our other products.

Record every keystroke typed on the computer, or only those from specific applications you select, in complete stealth without the users knowledge.  Screenshots can also be recorded and linked to your keystroke logs so you can view a visual snapshot of the PC when the typing occurred.  In addition, you can also setup keyword alerts which will instantly email you when certain keywords or phrases have been typed and all logs can be automatically emailed to you at set times for remote viewing.

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Keystroke Spy for Windows
  • Windows compatible
  • Supports Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 200x, NT4, Me, 9x

Keystroke and Screenshot Recording

Keystroke Spy will record every keystroke of every user of the computer without them ever knowing.  The resulting logs can be viewed exactly as they were typed or formatted for easier viewing and include the date, time, and window they were typed.  In addition, screenshots can also be recorded so you can visually see the computers screen as the keystrokes were typed just as if you were there.

  • Detailed Logs [view screenshot]
    Logs include the time, date, window title, and application the keystrokes were typed along with the Windows username who executed the typing.
  • Flag Log Entries [view screenshot]
    Logs can be flagged by application or window they were typed in, date and time, or the username who typed the entry.  Passwords and custom keyword searches can also be flagged for easier viewing within the reports.
  • Log Formatting [view screenshot]
    For easier viewing you can optionally format the logs allowing you to see them exactly as the user intended.  Backspaces and other system keys are applied and hidden so you see the entry as the user intended rather than every key typed.
  • Screenshot Recording and Playback [view screenshot]
    Screenshots are recorded as well and can be played back in a movie-style format for easy viewing and visual proof of their activities.  You will see exactly what the user saw on the desktop.  These recordings can also be searched and archived.
  • Screenshot Linking [view screenshot]
    When viewing keystroke logs you will also be shown all corresponding desktop screenshots for the activity.  This linking feature allows you to quickly and easily see the a visual screenshot with every keystroke activity recorded.


Below are just some of the activities that will be recorded with Keystroke Spy :

  • Chats, Instant Messages, and Sent Emails
    Keystroke Spy records all instant messages, chat conversations, and emails sent from the computer including webmail.
  • Websites and Searches
    All websites typed and visited as well as any searches performed on Yahoo, Bing, Google, Facebook, etc. are recorded.
  • Usernames and Passwords
    All usernames and passwords typed on the computer including where they were used are recorded.
  • Files and Documents
    Any files that are typed will be recorded such as the editing of an Excel spreadsheet or Word document.
  • Applications and Games
    Keystrokes typed in applications and games are recorded whether local or on the Internet.
  • Social Network Activity
    As all keystrokes are recorded so will social networking activity such as wall posts, chats, messages, and more through popular social networks like Facebook, MySpace, etc.
  • Everything Typed
    Remember, every key hit on the keyboard will be recorded.  If you are wondering if an activity will be logged or not just ask yourself if it will be typed on the computer's keyboard.

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Alerts, Filters, and Log Delivery

Rather then recorded every keystroke you also have the ability to record them only from applications you select if you only have interest in specific activity.  Log delivery is another additional feature that will automatically email logs at set intervals to an address you specify.  This allows you to view logs from another location and computer no matter where you may be.  Lastly, you have the ability to set alerts for specific keywords and phrases such as names, addresses, phone numbers, or anything else you wish.  When these alerts are typed on the computer you will be instantly notified by email that it was triggered.

  • Application Specific Logging [view screenshot]
    Rather than record all keystrokes you can optionally recorded only those typed in specific applications you select in the settings.
  • Automatic Log Delivery by Email [view screenshot]
    Automatically send the keystroke logs that have been recorded to any email address you enter in the settings.  You select how often the logs are emailed and each will include a screenshot of the computer at the time they are sent.  With this feature you can view logs from any location you have access to your email such as your office.
  • Keyword Alerts [view screenshot]
    Receive instant email alerts when specific keywords or phrases you setup have been typed on the computer.  Included is a screenshot of the computer desktop at the exact time the alert was triggered for a visual view of the activity.

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Security and Stealth

While Keystroke Spy might be our most basic software in terms of monitoring it still includes the same stealth operation and security as all the rest.  Keystroke Spy is completely undetectable in all versions of Windows and can circumvent many popular third party 'scanners' to ensure stealth operation without additional configuration.  Additional features include log file backdating, hidden program and log locations, encryption, password protection, and more.

  • Stealth Operation [view screenshot]
    Keystroke Spy will be completely undetectable to your users and it will not be visible in the task manager, registry, or Windows startup utilities.
  • Invisible Folders [view screenshot]
    For additional security and stealth you can configure Keystroke Spy to make its program and log folders completely invisible on your computer to prevent users from seeing them in the file system.
  • Encrypted Logs [view screenshot]
    All log files are encrypted and are only viewable from within the application itself.  This ensures only those with access to Keystroke Spy can views its logs.
  • Security Options [view screenshot]
    Prevent the time and date from being changed as well as access to the Windows task manager as additional security against unauthorized tampering of the program.
  • Spyware Detector Disabling [view screenshot]
    Keystroke Spy has the ability to disable most third party 'spyware' detectors to prevent tampering with its operation.
  • Log File Backdating [view screenshot]
    Configure all logs to be backdated so they appear much older than they are.  This prevents others from searching for last modified files and discovering the log files (even though they are encrypted and cannot be viewed).
  • Password Protected [view screenshot]
    The only way to access Keystroke Spy's logs and setting is through a hotkey and password.  The hotkey is a unique combination of keys pressed at the same time (user configurable) which will show the password prompt.  You must then enter your password to gain access to the software.
  • Idle Timeout [view screenshot]
    When the user has been inactive for a set amount of time Keystroke Spy can enter idle mode.  When user activity resumes Keystroke Spy will begin monitoring again.
  • Custom Log Location
    Store your log files anywhere you wish on the including network shares.
  • Automatic Log Clearing
    Prevent log files from becoming extremely large by automatically clearing them after a set amount of keystrokes have been typed.
  • Custom Hotkey Combination
    The hotkey is a combination of keys pressed to open the password prompt to login.  This combination of keys can be changed from the default to anything you wish.
  • User Warning Screen (optional) [view screenshot]
    Optionally set a warning screen to display to users along with a custom message you set in the software notifying them that they are being monitored.  This is completely optional and may be turned on/off in the settings.

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Stealth Version (optional on order page)

Keystroke Spy Stealth is an optional version of our software available on the order page for an additional price.  The Stealth Version contains all the same features of the standard version plus the additional stealth features listed below :

  • Installation is Pre-Configured
    The Stealth Version has already been configured for complete stealth and requires no setting changes after installation.  This ensures there is practically no chance anyone can detect or tamper with it once installed.
  • No User Interaction Needed
    When the installation file is executed it will install instantly with no popups, windows, or user interaction of any kind needed.  Just double click the file and a few seconds later it is installed and running in complete stealth with its pre-configured settings.
  • Remote Installation
    As the Stealth Version is already configured and does not need any user interaction during installation this also means it can be remotely installed.  The install file can be emailed (or transferred by other means) to the computer you wish to monitor and when it is executed will automatically install and begin monitoring.

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Easy to Use

Keystroke Spy was designed to be extremely easy to install, setup, and use even for novice computer users.

  • Intuitive Graphical Interface [view screenshot]
    The graphical interface is easy to view and use with buttons, labels, and icons.
  • Quick and Easy Setup
    Installation takes no time and minimal configuration is needed.  Just double click the installation file and choose a password to begin monitoring.

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System Requirements

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